About Eva

Greek Psychotherapist & Coach in London

Welcome! I’m Eva!

Greek psychotherapist and Coach in London.

For as long as I can remember myself I have always wanted to support people in changing their lives for the better. Not because I knew it all, but because I was always driven by the potential that I could see in them and what their lives would look like after that discovery was made… if only they allowed themselves to imagine something so compelling that their only option would be to go out and get it!

Wanting to make the most of this trait of mine and become a professional “helper- inspirer” I studied Psychologygraduate psychotherapist (BA) in Athens, Greece, but always hungry for more, I moved to London and studied Psychotherapy (Post Grad. Certificate & MSc) and coaching with some of the best teachers, such as Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes.

I have worked as a family therapist with young children, adolescents, adults and older adults in the UK, and over the last couple of years specifically as an adult psychotherapist and coach in Greece and UK.

While practicing in the UK … and after having worked with a large number of Greek clients abroad, I can officially say that they are my favourite clients to work with! (No offence for all other cultural backgrounds). I become mostly passionate when working with them because we share a very similar story to tell! We both have found ourselves for whatever reason living abroad, we both had to start anew, we both have this funny Greeeeek accent, but most importantly we both had to prove to ourselves what we are capable of.

I was lucky as I found myself being surrounded by exceptionally inspiring Greeks very quickly after I had moved to London and it is all because of them that I’m what I’m today! If it wasn’t for them I would not have been able to allow myself to dream big, to aim high and to always strive for more. As I was given this gift, I only feel that it is my duty to do the same for other Greeks too.

I believe that you have a potential which has always been inside of you, whether you have realised it or not, and this potential is waiting to be used in every possible way and direction in your life. I believe that I can teach you how to tap into that, explore it, become inspired by other people’s stories and decide how to make the most of your own potential and gifts. By realising it you will be able not only to transform your life on a personal and professional level, but also to inspire other people too.

There are already numerous talented, charismatic, successful, passionate Greeks living abroad; my job is to bring you closer to them and their personal journeys, and ultimately I want to help you discover that you are one of them too.

Because since it has been done for one; it will be done for others too.



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P.P.S. If you are ready to discover your own potential, you can call me on 08002494930/ 075 91916146 or email me at info@evalychrou.com