Beginning and ending…

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Last Wednesday of May 2012… For many of us that means that exams are near, that summer holiday is about to begin, that we are getting closer to the Olympic Games of London 2012… the options are unlimited for each and everyone of us!

But before that, there is always something about the end of an era that makes most of us stop and take a long look back to gain a sense of perspective on what, exactly, we’ve been doing all this time. My aim was to do the same with my clients too, listening to their stories, to their strengths and planning ahead for the next step. Besides all therapy is about stories- the stories clients tell therapists; therapy itself is really a story, or stories about why people suffer, how they deal and what therapists can do to promote the latter..

So each client is a new story, with a beginning and an ending… the story continues, with all its unpredictable plot twists… We don’t have an idea where we are headed or what will happen next- that’s part of the charm!

But as we head off into the summer time, I hope you learn to trust yourself, to keep all the good things you’ve learnt about yourself and leave behind all the least important ones. Give space and trust the knowledge you have just acquired and always remember to cherish your achievements, and just live the process! At least keep your head high, your chin up and keep on smiling…


Eva Lychrou is a psychotherapist based in London and in Athens, helping people deal with family issues, relationship difficulties and self development in general.

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