A flower Wreath and a Skype session, do you see anything in common?

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                      A Flower Wreath and a Skype session, do you see anything in common?

Yesterday, I had agreed to have a Skype session with a client I had not seen for the last 2 years and although we had been apart, we both felt really glad we were given the chance due to Skype! The only major difference this time around was that there was also a camera involved, which, on the contrary, made our lives easier and more straightforward than we initially thought!

Later on, I received an email, from a greek client of mine, who felt the need to share with me the creation of a flower wreath, a very well known greek custom, that takes place on May 1st. She had beautifully managed to incorporate this greek idea into her english lifestyle, by eventually creating this perfect fit!

Over the last couple of weeks, regardless of the geographical location of people and the turmoil that exists in various places, I have come across new ideas, new possibilities and ways of staying connected, either through skype, through emails, and I feel that it is just such an optimistic and hopeful attitude!

Have you got any other ideas to contribute?


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