Home for the holidays – hooray or disaster?

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I’m curious…

eva lychrou

Do you ever struggle to find the balance between spending time with your family and your friends when you go home for the holidays?

If so, you’re not alone. Finding the right balance is a common issue, especially for people living abroad!

No matter what gender you are, what cultural background you have, how old you are, how long you have been living abroad,  the truth is- – finding the right balance can feel like a struggle.

And typically it requires more preparation than most people (including ourselves!) expect.

Add in our other holiday related responsibilities (ie. planning ahead of time, packing while keeping up with our current lifestyle) and it’s understandable that spending holidays with family and friends becomes another stressful issue on our to-do list.

But is that just how it is? Is there a way to spend quality time both with friends and family and at the same time be happy?

That’s exactly what we’re discussing into this week’s video.

Today’s tweet –The quality of your life will be transformed if you start to appreciate rather than expect@EvaLychrou

If you’ve ever struggled with holiday guilt, or you’ve been able to find the perfect balance, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Too often, we don’t recognize the deep value of spending holidays with family and friends until it’s too late.

Let’s use today’s video as an opportunity to find ways to genuinely honour our deep desires while staying connected to those who matter most.

What is the one thing you do when you go on holiday to make sure you are happy while staying connected with family and friends?

Share as much detail because your ideas and personal stories can be what another person has been longing to hear.

Thanks in advance for watching and sharing.


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