How can I switch off the critical voice inside my head?

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eva lychrou


First things first. YOU are amazing!

Thank you so much for your emails and your support! You have been making these videos a hit for people not only in the UK, but Greece, Cyprus, USA, and Qatar! Feel free to promote them even further, wherever you feel that they could do with some more inspiration, motivation and love!

Now on today’s video, which I’m sure you will love that too! Eleni has been asking one very IMPORTANT question, and that is:

Is there is a way to silence that critical voice in my head?

That’s exactly what I’ll be talking about on today’s video. I’ll share with you two points to think next time you find yourself in a similar situation!


Today’s tweet –It was only when I realised how actors have the power to move people that I decided to pursue acting as a career@EvaLychrou

So once again, I would like to hear your perspective.

How have you been able to silence that critical voice inside your head? What did you do? What techniques did you use?

Remember we all share the same challenges. As long as we share and learn from each other, the better the quality of our lives is going to be.

With love,



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