How many times have you wanted to change someone else?

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Today’s video is dedicated to all of us! Wanting to change other people around us makes no exception between men and women and inevitably leads to a lot of pain, frustration, hostility and resentment.

I will share with you 5 ideas that I have personally used once I realised how tiring and UNBEARABLE it was for people around me to constantly try to change them!

Most importantly though I realised that I was sacrificing my relationship with other people because I couldn’t truly express myself as I was constantly focusing on what was wrong with them… and try to fix them! I know it sounds terrible but that was me….

And as Byron Katie, author and speaker has very wisely said in one of her talks, “there are 3 kinds of businesses: MY business, God’s business and Other People’s business”! I have decided to stick to MY business and make a damn god job with it! If in the meantime I get to inspire other people through my own example… that’s even better!

Got feedback? I’d love to know… how, specifically have you handled this tendency of yours? What has worked with you and what didn’t work? Share your ideas and stories below.



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