My gift for 2014

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get psychologically ready for new year

Most people fall into the New Year’s resolution trap! Yes! That’s right! It is a trap as they set annual goals for themselves once each New Year’s Eve. Then when the next New Year’s Eve rolls around, they give themselves a little checkup to see how well they did. This plan guarantees one thing…. FAILURE!!!!

The more you measure your progress, the more accountable you are for your actions! Equally by consistently measuring what you are feeling, you will set new standards for yourself on a regular basis. You will also tap into the power of choice: consistent measurement will raise your awareness of the emotions you are indulging in and allow you to find new and better emotional choices for your future. My gift to you for 2014 is to achieve emotional change in your life! It’s important to take a look at the emotion you are currently feeling on a consistent basis. Remember, emotion are not “done to us”. We control the emotions we feel; we do emotions!

Now what?

One of the most reliable tools that I use with my clients and that EVERYONE can implement on their own too is the idea of the MOOD METER. It is a powerful tool designed to help you take complete and immediate control of the emotions you feel consistently. After all, can you think of anything more important than the way you feel? Instructions for the Mood Meter 1. Commit yourself to measuring your moods several times throughout the day (eg. morning, afternoon and evening). 2. Looking at the descriptions of the different emotional states on the left side of the mood meter, choose the word that best describes your current state- how you are feeling at this very moment? 3. Record the date and time at the top of the page and make a mark in that box which corresponds to how you’re feeling. If you want you may also write a brief description or a couple of key words that describe how you’re feeling at the bottom of the column. MOOD METER  Write down the hour, the date and how are feeling! For example – 2/11 @ 11.15, you tick  JOYFUL …

Entry # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Hour 2/11
Date 11.15
15. Ecstatic
14. Triumphant
13. Jubilant
12. Vivacious
11. Elated
10. Delighted
9. Joyful
8. Lighthearted
7. Happy
6. Pleased
5. Satisfied
4. Encouraged
3. Cheerful
2. Purposeful
1. Determined
-1. Anxious
-2. Worried
-3. Lonely
-4. Frustrated
-5. Upset
-6. Disillusioned
-7. Downcast
-8. Gloomy
-9. Downhearted
-10. Discouraged
-11. Disgusted
-12. Depressed
-13. Desperate
-14. Despairing
-15. Miserable

Mood Meter Description ENTRY # – You describe the reasons why are you feeling this way For example –

1. I feel joyful because I did great at the meeting!

Menu of Ways to Feel Good Once you have measured what you are feeling on a consistent basis, you need to think about how to change those feelings for the BETTER, (even when your feeling is good your aim is to get EVEN BETTER)!!! But remember, YOU CAN’T STOP ONE ACTION OR FEELING WITHOUT REPLACING IT WITH ANOTHER.  Your menu of ways to feel good is designed to offer you a variety of options for feeling great. Usually when people don’t feel well – physically or emotionally- they don’t have a ready made list of “feel good” items from which to choose from. We all deserve to have a magnitude of options that we can choose from on a daily basis that make us feel good, and love ourselves more! So how do you create this amazing menu? Read on! 1. Brainstorm a list of activities that make you feel good – activities that when you engage in them will change your state and cause you to feel positive emotions. Also, create a menu of ways to love yourself more. 2.  Be certain to consider the following criteria when creating your list: Is it convenient for you? Is it easily accessible? Does it cost money? Do I need to do it with other people? 3.  Make sure that you create a variety of options that fit these different categories so that you are able to follow through on whatever option you choose no matter where you are, what time it is, or what else is going on in your life! Try combining your MENU with your MOOD METER! After you complete your Mood Meter, ask yourself “how do I want to feel right now?” Then pull out your “Feel Good” Menu, pick an activity, engage in it wholeheartedly, and then complete your Mood Meter again. Were you effective at changing your state? For example – in order to move up from feeling JOYFUL to VIVACIOUS, what could I choose from my MENU that would enable me to feel that way? During my lunch break I could call up my friend and ask him/her to tell me 5 great things about me! Sample Menus – OR make a list of all the activities that make you feel good!!!! 

“Feel Good” Menu “Love Myself” Menu
– volunteer – hug myself
– think of tropical islands – smile at myself in the mirror
– think of friends – tell myself all of the reasons I love myself (while in the shower or getting dressed)
– take 10 deep breaths – blow myself a kiss
– smile – write a love letter to myself
– go through old photo albums – write my accomplishments at the end of the day and review what I’m grateful for
– listen to music – call a friend and ask them to tell me five great things about myself
– call friends or family – do an emotional flood of all the great emotions and/or memories of my life
– light candles – listen to music
– go to a museum – do a goal setting workshop and create a compelling future
– walk on the beach or in the park – listen to empowering audiotapes
– look at the stars – get a massage
– sing – take a hot bath
– dance – get my hair and/or nails done or get a facial
– go to the gym – say “I love you” to myself
– read – create a treasure map
– buy flowers to myself – rub lotion on your body
– travel – read your journal
– go to a nice restaurant – cuddle with yourself
– drink herbal tea
– eat healthfully
– read a new or favourite book
– write in journal
– take a bubble bath
– go to a park and feed the ducks
– paint on a canvas

REMEMBER! These are sample lists that contain items that are interchangeable for either list. Your list may contain items that are completely different. Enjoy and see you mood transformed by the day!!!! Happy 2014! With my warmest wishes! Eva Lychrou.

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