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The idea of peace is a very personal one

Hello to each and everyone of you,

this is the last post for 2012, and I have a couple of points that I would like to make!

First of all, I would like to wish you Seasons Greetings & A Happy New Year! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and thank you all of you for sharing some truly inspiring, sincere personal stories with me! We have laughed and we have cried together, I have seen people coming closer and people transforming their lives, it has been a remarkable year!

Next year brings more personal stories, more shared journeys, and many many more… I can’t wait to share it all with you!

The second and most important point that I would like to make is instead of encouraging you to think about new year resolution plans, or aiming for higher goals in 2013, I would like to briefly talk about an idea, a notion potentially much more significant than anything else…

What I would encourage you to do over the next few days left, it would be making PEACE with everything or everyone that had upset you during the last year. Stop for a while and make space for some peace and quiet during those very important few days, regardless of whether you believe in Xmas or not, or whether you feel the need to celebrate or not… The idea of peace is a very personal one, so spend some private, uninterrupted time and enjoy the feeling; do whatever it takes until you feel peace with yourselves and with everything else around you!

See you all on January 7th, 2013!

Best Wishes,

Eva Lychrou

Eva Lychrou is a psychotherapist based in London and in Athens, helping people deal with family issues, relationship difficulties and self development in general.

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