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nothing is impossible

This blog is an attempt to persuade you about the strength we ALL carry inside us to live a better, more fulfilling, more complete life. I am aware of the difficulty this journey involves, (as well as the fear and the pain that accompanies most of the time the journey of psychotherapy); but I am convinced that since so many people around us HAVE managed to be successful, to take the risk and come closer to their heart, their feelings, their loved ones, I would like to take this opportunity and present various personal stories, various opportunities and successful attempts that other people have made, because I am aware that most people tend to borrow ideas from one another! So I am hoping that through this blog, you will be given the chance to get inspired by other people, the journey and the distance they might have covered, and then possibly, in their own turn, they could “show you the way” and eventually convince you to take your own steps!


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