Respecting each client’s pace

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I just finished writing some notes, ideas, thoughts regarding a client I’m working with at the moment, and I had to remind myself… Once again… The importance of respecting the clients’ pace.

Working already as a psychotherapist for a couple of years, each time, I’m pleasantly surprised about how all clients have one element in common, regardless of their own personal journey, story, etc. The commonality is this; they are terribly afraid to realise their own potential, the hidden strength and determination that all of them possess, which unfortunately, they might have not realised before, either because of difficult circumstances, or because they were not given the chance, because… They had not realised that it is up to them to decide which way they would like to carry on… And it is, during this very significant timing, that I always have to remind myself that it is a very personal decision to make, creating, for the clients, lots of uncertainty, fear for the unknown path ahead, and unfamiliar feelings altogether; and for me a great reminder of what psychotherapy is all about!

It is never right or wrong, it is just a matter of pace….

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  1. CleseloDephon
    January 31, 2012 at 10:04 #

    Really good post..i?ll like to add you as rss

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