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Hello and welcome back! Or I should rather say it’s good to be back!!!

Though I was away for a while, for both great personal and professional reasons, I would like to start by saying a very big thank you for all the comments and emails I have received so far regarding my posts! My intention is always trying to be genuine and sincere. I wouldn’t have managed to do so if it wasn’t for all of you!

What I’m hoping to achieve each time is to share with you stories, ideas which are somehow related with the psychotherapeutic context, aiming to achieve greater motivation, inspiration and personal development. Bear in mind that I would more than happy to listen to future suggestions and constructive criticism.

So smile because I want to remember each one of you…

Eva Lychrou is a psychotherapist based in London and in Athens, helping people deal with family issues, relationship difficulties and self development in general.

For further information

t: 08002 494930

m:+44 (0) 7591916146/ +30 6977 387722






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  1. Koumantaki
    July 26, 2012 at 18:42 #

    I love your blog :):):)

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