• The reason why I had decided to ask for Eva’s help was because I needed her help in order to “detoxify” myself from the relationship I had with my partner for the last seven years. Not only did Eva help me to become independent again and re-acquaint myself, but also to live freely, to be able to distinguish among various situations, to appreciate my starting point and setting high goals in life, to be able to appreciate my difficulties – and even those that I cannot change – to feel good about myself, with what I have achieved so far. My goal is to change things in life that I do not like, I want to experience only the things I want in life. Regardless of how painful each psychotherapeutic process is, it is all worth it because you conquer in the  end; your fears, your insecurities, whatever is getting in your way and is stalling you. It is very important to appreciate who you are and create the life you want. And I managed to do so by getting older and wiser. And I grew because of the psychotherapeutic process I had with Eva. Today I feel confident and that is because of Eva. I feel confident about myself. And this is extremely special. I’m convinced that if I hadn’t taken the psychotherapeutic path, my life would have evolved in a very slow pace, I might have taken the wrong decisions after all. And I enjoy the fact that I choose today to work on things that I had hidden for years. The psychotherapeutic process does not stop, but it gets more meaningful with time. And I learnt that in action. This is my greatest personal achievement. My therapeutic process with Eva was my turning point in life, and I get to write my personal story; the only difference is that, myself, the leading actor, I’m no longer the same person, I have become wiser“,  K.P.


  •  “The values for Eva’ s high professionalism standards cannot be described by words. I feel sorry for not having the priviledge to benefit to know her earlier on !”, K.V.