The psychological… perspective of the Lenten Season

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The psychological… perspective of the Lenten Season

It’s common for many Christians to take part in the Lenten season, giving up something during the 40 days before Easter, such as sweets, meat or a hobby, etc. However, regardless of the religion or personal belief system, just a few days left before Easter, I would encourage you to identify something in your own life that you don’t like about yourself and give it up, such as self blame, shame, bitterness, etc… I’m sure the list is endless…

For example if you are shy, try to break out of it and identify bespoke ways of doing so. If you have made a decision you regret, just let it go. I’m sure there is something interfering with the way you would like to live your life and that is what I would encourage you to give up during these few days left of Lenten season.

Use the time wisely and decide to give up something permanently and change the way you live…

Happy Easter! See you on April 23rd 2012!           



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